Niche is Our Business

Hero Coatings was founded in 1967 by Robert Lynch; it continues to be owned and operated by the Lynch family. Early products were primarily low temperature heat seals used in small cases, footwear, and other leather products.

In the 1970s, Hero Coatings expanded its product line to include pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) for athletic tapes and knife over roll transfer applications. In the 1980s, we developed adhesives for textile laminations and built the modern facility we now occupy in order to accommodate our growth, improve manufacturing efficiency, and meet stringent emissions regulations.

Hero Coatings has over 50 years experience in the development and manufacturing of solvent-based adhesives. We have a broad range of standard products and a significant number of custom products that we have developed for customer specific applications. Our ability to develop individualized solutions to meet targeted performance specifications, such as peel, shear and tack properties to a variety of substrates, is unmatched by other adhesives manufacturers in the Northeast.

Beginning in 2021, Hero began manufacturing Hot Melt adhesives. We see the addition of Hot Melt adhesives as a natural extension of our current business and a great way to expand our product offerings and service. 

Our product formulations, volume, and markets served continue to evolve. We are poised for continued growth because of our knowledge, depth of experience, and hands on customer service.