PSA and Heat Seal Products For the Widest Range of Applications

If we don’t have it, we’ll develop it for you.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

We have extensive experience compounding rubber based PSA. Our large catalogue of commercial products was developed to help a customer with a certain application. They are available in both hot melt and solvent-based natural and synthetic rubbers, viscosity ranges from 50 to 500,000 and solids ranging from 10%-75%.

Our PSAs are typically applied by knife over roll, roll over roll, slot die, or gravure coating methods to various substrates, or by transfer coating after application to liner paper.

Applications: Tapes for many applications including medical tapes, automobile tapes, industrial tapes, sports tapes, duct tapes, photographic tapes, Velcro tapes, HVAC tapes, foam tapes, release paper, polishing pads, felt laminations, gasket mounting and many others.

Heat Seal

Heat-sealing adhesives are thermoplastic materials that can be coated on to substrates and reactivated later by heat or pressure or both. Typically they are applied to substrates as a liquid coating and set at ambient temperatures and remain so until a subsequent manufacturing process where they are reheated to bond to another material. Because of their high initial tack, they adhere to a wide range of materials and their low activation temperatures make them suitable for high production speeds.

Applications: Apparel and textiles, footwear, flexible packaging, industrial laminations, automotive, flotation devices, product assembly

Toll Manufacturing

A significant amount of what we do is manufacture customer provided formulations to their specifications. We are fair and competent, and this portion of our business continues to grow.